For Early Child
Development (ECCD)
in the Arab Palestinian
Community In Israel

Resource Development

Musharaka is an address and a model as a collective entity for many organizations locally and internationally.  When reviewing the achievements of Musharaka for the past thirteen years, the developments and expansions, are evident. The reflection of Musharaka’s work, roles and impact is within the Palestinian community in Israel, in particular and the Israeli society in general.

In the area of Resource Development, Musharaka has established an early childhood newsletter, developed books, kits and manuals, researched and surveyed in addition to writing papers and holding various resource events.  In doing so, Musharaka has and is, Raising Awareness, Providing Tools and Networking for the overall Palestinian Community in Israel.   

Here is a brief description of some of the projects accomplished by Musharaka and the work is continuing…..


"Hamset Wasel" Early Childhood Newsletter

Musharaka Kits and Books

Papers, Films and Manuals


Resource Centers and Events